Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hate: Part 1

So over the next few days I will be writing about something which I feel too many people look away from because of how severe it really can be. I will be looking at a few different issues related to specific groups of people. We may mask these issues with common phrases but they all boil down to one word, hate. Some may claim it as a lack of understanding, but those who look beyond the silver lining in everything know what these issues really come down to. These are my own opinions on the subject and I hope this spawns a further discussion because this is what is needed for these issues to be resolved.

Throughout the world's history, one idea has been something that has been debated for ages. If you ask someone what the definition of this idea is, they will never have the same two answers. It has perplexed even the most knowledgeable scholars and philosophers. It may be something of real world magic where there is no true explanation for why it happens. This thing which I am talking about is love. Now I am not going to talk about why or how it happens, but why some are not allowed to express that love.

"We must save the sanctity of marriage" as many people on the other side of this issue might say. What about divorce? It seems to me the ending of a marriage no matter who is involved with it, destroys the sanctity of marriage in a literal sense. Now to me I do not care on way or another what faith you are or if you even believe in a higher being. This debate has to be higher than that or else this is just an argument over who's imaginary friend is better.

To those who oppose gay marriage: What does it matter to you what two men or two women do at home? Why are they not allowed to share the same rights when it comes to hospital visitation if the person they have loved for their entire life is near death? Did Jesus say "Love thy neighbor as I have loved you"? Are you really loving your neighbor when you deny them the same rights as you?

To those who fight for the right to wed: Where is the passion over this issue? Why is there not a constant presence for all to see, showing what you are willing to do to gain those rights as your fellow citizens?

I am haunted by a bumper sticker that I saw the other day which states "No one is free while some are oppressed". I look back at November 4th now no loner as a day for celebration, but a black eye in the history of our nation. We made a vote for change through Barack Obama, yet across the nation, the right to marriage was denied to millions. We need to pressure the government to support the rights of all people regardless of sexual orientation and by standing by and not fighting for that right, we are just as guilty as those who oppress.

Part II coming 12/18


Mr. McClister said...

Chris, excellent post. Unfortunately, we are only preaching to a choir.

It is our duty as citizens of a tolerent and accepting world to ignite and inflict revolutionary change. A good step was electing our new president Barack Obama, but we need to do more.We need to spread the word and educate the masses.

I hope to read stuff like this in our new paper.

KB said...

I don't understand what they mean by the "sanctity of marriage" anyway. I mean, it is sacred because it's for having babies? I don't think it has anything to do with love (sadly) - let's be honest, marriage started out as an economic institution that would be favorable to two families, and had nothing to do with love. Also funny, the other day the Catholic church put out a statement against in vitro fertilization - for some reason to the effect of "just wanting a kid isn't good enough if it isn't meant to be, physically" - which is hilarious because of all the fundamentalist arguments about marriage and procreation. Anyways, I could go on, but good start. I look forward to reading more installments.

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