Thursday, October 09, 2008

To John McCain (Rant of the Week Supplement)

Let me consider this a supplement to my previous rant of the week. There is no way I can let this go past me for another week or else I might just snap and kill an elephant the next time I'm at the zoo. The latest barrage of attacks by the McCain campaign relating Obama to Bill Ayers, citing his lack of patriotism to the point of calling him treasonous, and never letting up on such attacks is deplorable. I do not care if you are a republican or democrat, conservative or liberal, atheist or fundamentalist; you do not allow your crowds to say what they have said in the past few days.

It has been reported that in recent rallies for John McCain, when the attacks start and the mud starts flinging against Barack Obama, the crowd has begun to chant and yell out, "Kill him" and "Get him". Its common sense you do not say that about anyone on a political campaign, but when you do not denounce what is said and even pass the buck to lying in the sole responsibility to the crowd, you are running on the same mindset of a Nazi during the Nuremberg Trials. McCain has stated he cannot control what the crowd says, but he can be against what was said. Hmm, sounds like a familiar quote from only a few years ago.

In 1978, Bill Pierce wrote a book titled The Turner Diaries. The book revolves about a radical group who starts up a second American Revolution where the government is overthrown, and all non-white races and non-Christians are purged from America. One event in the book depicts the group bombing of the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC. A Turner Diaries inspired attack happened in Oklahoma City, OK on April 19, 2005. Tim McVeigh who was an open white supremacist with ties to the National Alliance (Bill Pierce's neo-Nazi organization) was the man who was behind the bombings. When he was arrested, McVeigh had a copy of the Turner Diaries in his possession. There are many other events which have been inspired by this book, but I don't have that much time to type.

Now you may be asking why I brought up Oklahoma City. Pierce after the attack stated, "No. No, I don't. I've—I've said that over and over again, that I do not approve of the Oklahoma City bombing." He blamed the action solely McVeigh and blames him completely while failing to notice the distinct connection between his own book and McVeigh's actions. Whether or not you approve of the action after it occurs does not matter. The fact you brought about that possibility and did nothing to stop it makes you as guilty as the person who set off that detonator.

So now I say to you John McCain, by inciting phrases of "Kill Him" and "Get him" at your rallies you will be just as guilty as the person who may try to inflict any harm on Senator Barack Obama. Last time I checked, angry mobs were not a showing of democracy. You love to make reference to your military past as your qualifications for president, well senator, this is conduct unbecoming an officer. You should be ashamed of yourself to even bring these possibilities of discussion onto the table whether you meant it or not. The African-American community has seen too many of its great leaders lost to hate, and by that thought even coming up in the race for president takes you to a new low I still cannot realize. Assassination is the black eye of American politics and too many great leaders have been lost too soon due to that blind hatred. That type of discussion does not make you the American hero you used to be to me. I had the utmost respect for you and what you had done in your career, but that John McCain is gone to me now. For your sake I pray to God that nothing happens Sen. Obama, because if it does, you will be Bill Pierce looking back at Oklahoma City.


KB said...


MarkC said...

It is the people in the type of radical organizations that were inspired by the Turner Diaries that McVeigh/Palin are trying to agitate by their rhetoric. Certainly this is not helping them in the polls, so the only logical motive is to inspire the violent rightwing base. Even Republicans are noticing this:

Chris Williamson said...

Well said Mark. Once again, there is no need for this in American politics. The De-Americanizing the Republican party has used since Bush v. Dukakis has made them the most deplorable group of people in mainstream political theory.

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