Saturday, September 13, 2008

Boston Globe reports another lie from the McCain-Palin camp

More "clarification" of details that they originally insisted were fact. They call it clarification, I call it backtracking.

Sarah Palin and John McCain lied about Palin's foreign travel experience. She has officially ventured outside the borders of North America once - to visit a total of two countries. Originally, the McCain team said she was visiting Alaskan National Guard troops in Kuwait and Germany, and also stopped in Iraq and Ireland. Turns out, she never actually crossed into Iraq, she just chilled at a border crossing for a while inside the Kuwait side. (As if setting foot inside Iraq really counts as "visiting" anyway.) And Ireland? That was just a refueling spot for her plane.

These are not the kind of statements that are due to misspeaking or gaffes. These are outright fabrications, stretching the truth to the tenth degree. The McCain-Palin team LIED ON HER RESUME that they showed to the American people.

When you apply for a job at McDonald's to pay for college and textbooks, if you fudge the truth about working an extra few months at Burger King when you really got fired for dropping a burger on the floor after three weeks, they will immediately disqualify you from the candidate pool for that job. But if a potential leader of the western world flat-out lies to the entire American public about her experiences, we let it go as long as they "clarify" and sound like maybe this time they're telling the truth.

America has a responsibility to ask more from our politicians and not to settle for this kind of lying, cheating, deceptive politics any longer. Hold your elected officials accountable, and more importantly, don't let these rotten apples in in the first place.

I'm fired up.

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intern said...

...and yet Palin has had more executive exprience than the entirety of the Democratic ticket.