Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin Accepts GOP Nomination for VP

Tonight Sarah Palin accepted the Republican National Committee's nomination for Vice-President. She spoke of John McCain's desire to stick up for what he believes in, her own family's call to serve this country in the military, and a life story speaking to small towns (making reference to Democratic President Harry Truman).

But she lost me when she stated that a community organizer does not have actual responsibilities compared to mayor. Are you kidding me Sarah Palin? I have worked on the individual level doing volunteer work and many people in low-income, under-serviced areas depend on that help from community organizers. If a church volunteer group no longer has that food pantry, where do they get supplemental food? If an organization that is training people to get back into the job market leaves, who will help them learn to get back on their feet? Community organizers play a much more important role in the lives of everyday people more than a mayor to many people. In cities and towns across the country you see this on all levels.

She also made mention on how if you are on the outside, people do not appreciate you. You are not the only person still in this campaign trail who has been tested by the media. Your opponent Barack Obama had been criticized from day one for many of the same things you are being criticized for, like experience and personal life. It is a part of national politics unfortunately, and it is a life of get tough quick. You appear to be strong, but do not make yourself seem like the only person who was been looked at critically this election season.

Here are a few of her own talking points she stated about Republicans and Barack Obama:
"Leave this nation better than we found it"

Ok, Sarah Palin. Let's look at how your party will be leaving our nation when your party leaves the White House. A war on two fronts, one of which was waged under false pretenses. A slumping economy with $4 a gallon gas when in 2001 when the GOP took office gas was $1.46. Hmm, just on that it looks like America is doing much better than before. Next point.

Sarah Palin is against using foreign supplies of oil. I agree with this since we are helping fund nations who support Islamic extremists, but the answer is not more oil, it is new technology which I will get into later in this blog. But if we need oil, where will we get it. Alaska? But if we did that wouldn't that interfere with your staunch ethics stance against personal gains. I would think this would be a great asset to your home state of Alaska.

"Two memoirs, yet no reform or laws in Senate"

This is an outright lie. First, one book was a memoir. The second was a political theory book looking at what needed to be done and how to do it. Barack Obama passed one of the most sweeping ethics reforms in decades in the Senate as well as working across the aisle to pass a bill to keep nuclear arms out of the hands of terrorists and keeping all accounted for.

"Take more of your money" WRONG! See below with taxes.

"Against producing energy"

Barack Obama and Joe Biden have been for creating new "Green Collar" jobs working towards alternative sources of energy including building new nuclear power plants.

"Terrorists are looking for nuclear weapons, and meeting leaders without preconditions"

See above with Obama working to pass a bill to keep nuclear arms out of the hands of terrorists. And when it comes to speaking to world leaders, without conversation all you have is ignorance. And when you don't speak what happens is a war like Iraq. We have a VP candidate who called Slobodan Milosevic a war criminal to his face. Talk does not mean weakness, sometimes it takes much more strength to say something to an enemy than to never speak at all.

"Raise taxes" WRONG!

Apparently Sarah Palin was not watching last Thursday where Barack Obama stated he would LOWER taxes for 95% of Americans. He would tax windfall profits of big oil, and create incentives for the creation of small businesses.

So, now I guess comes my conclusion of what I saw tonight. I could not tell whether is was ignorance or an attempt at stand-up comedy. So many points Sarah Palin brought up were not only false, but outright lies. Stating a community organizer does not have responsibility was a statement from someone who has lost touch with their surrounding community. Organizers do have a responsibility at the same level you did Gov. Palin to your community. As you stated, politicians get involved to make their communities better, the same way organizers work from the bottom up to change their communities, and I will still do what I can to help change the communities I live in, even if I do not have any responsibility as you stated tonight.

I shall return with my reaction to Senator John McCain's speech tomorrow.


Katie said...

YES! I love it. I strongly agree with you... I had a tough time watching them beat up on "community organizing" tonight. It shows how little compassion they have. Sad.

Chris Williamson said...

Exactly, it was a direct slap in the face to those who do any community organizing as well as all those who have contributed to Obama's campaign either with money or time.

Michael said...

Jason Wright said...

Thanks, Chris. I'm excited we have this up and going again.

Governor Palin just preached the same divisive rhetoric that has personified the Republican Party this election. It's not about creating more jobs, or providing affordable healthcare for every American, or even reducing our dependence on foreign oil. It's about manipulating the American public into conceding to another four years of the disastrous policies of the George Bush.

Keep fightin' the good fight.

Mr. McClister said...
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Mr. McClister said...

Great work Chris.

It really shows a lack of class when 80% of a candidate's speech is anti-Democrat rhetoric.

Jonathan Moore said...

Thank you for giving Mrs. Palin and the Republicans a rhetorical ass-kicking!

Charles said...,8599,1837918,00.html <- interesting read on the tatics of Palin